Southeast New Mexico.

The Ochoa Project is located in southeast New Mexico, a U.S. industrial region with a long history of potash production from mines currently owned by two large producers, The Mosaic Company and Intrepid Potash.  The region has the largest known concentration of potash reserves in the U.S., and accounts for more than 77% of the product produced in the country.  Because of this, the region has well-established expertise and infrastructure related to construction, operations and processing of potash.  read more +  

Southeast New Mexico continues to welcome new and innovative industry.  A combination of factors makes it an optimal setting for IC Potash Corp. and other businesses, including: a skilled workforce and established training programs; flat, arid and sparsely populated land; a dependably mild climate (>320 annual days of sunshine, >55F annual average temperature, <15 inches of annual precipitation); state and local tax incentives; and a pro-business attitude that supports companies of all kinds.   read more +