Ochoa Project.

IC Potash Corp. will mine polyhalite and process the ore to produce SOP. The Ochoa mine and mill will include underground mining operations, an adjacent above ground processing plant, a water well and treatment facility, and a rail loadout facility.

The ore will be mined with continuous miners using a room and pillar method, then transported via a conveyor to the processing plant on the surface. Once processed, the finished products will be transported by truck and trailer tothe loadout facility where they will be loaded onto railcars for shipment to market.

The Ochoa project will be developed at four sites:

  • The mine, including underground development, production slope, and ventilation shaft.
  • The process plant.
  • The loadout facility.
  • The well field.

At steady state, the Ochoa mine and mill will employ approximately 400 people at varying levels of expertise and experience. The mine will employ approximately 200 people, the process plant will employ approximately 150 people, and the remaining people will be employed in management, administration, and marketing.

The Ochoa project has been granted the necessary approvals for construction and operation by the State of New Mexico and the U.S. Bureau of Land Management.